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Search Engine Optimisation

We don't just build websites and leave our clients to 'get on with it'. We understand that whilst developing your site is an important first step, it is only 'one piece of the jigsaw'. Building a website and then doing nothing to market the site is like opening a shop in the middle of field, telling nobody about it and then expecting hordes of customers to walk through the door - it just isn't going to happen!

Website Sorted are experts in website optimisation, both paid for advertising with Google and organic website optimisation.  We can maintain the website optimisation for you or we can show you how and you can maintain the website yourself.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Website Sorted have years of experience marketing websites both locally and nationally and we know how to go about getting relevant visitors to your website. One sure-fire way (if done properly) is to invest in Pay Per Click.

Pay Per Click Advertising is a quick and effective way of getting visitors to your website. Pay Per Click Advertising has grown enormously over the last few years and will almost certainly account for an increasing share of "marketing spend" for the foreseeable future. More and more businesses are switching their marketing budgets to this relatively new advertising technique. Pay-Per-Click, or PPC as it commonly known, is a way to advertise high on search engines first few pages.
  •  Appear on Google's top pages
  •  Increased 'traffic'
  •  Attract new customers
  •  Campaigns managed & optimised 24/7
PPC can be a fantastic, cost effective way to generate traffic to your site giving you the opportunity to turn those visitors into new customers. Website Sorted has many years experience in developing and managing PPC campaigns on behalf of our clients. Contact us today and find out how our Search Engine Marketing expertise can help you grow your business!

Give us call on 0117 911 4223 / 02921 660723 or say hello here to find out more.
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